Local Online Marketing

local online marketing

Local online marketing is an extension of your presence in the community. It is a way for your potential clients to find you. However, finding you does not mean knowing you, liking you or trusting you. We, as humans, tend to interact with those we know, we like and we trust.  I have talked to many business owners who believe their website design problems, customer relationship challenges and employee training issues will all go away if there were a flood of potential customers who found their website.

I have known business owners who were unable to keep their personal lives separated from their business. When their personal lives took an unexpected turn, they used their customers as their therapist which seriously damaged their business.

There are many ways to market your business to your community. There are always those who can use the type of services you are offering. Online marketing, website design and search engine optimization could help. However, your communication skills from the first time you talk to your potential customer or send them an email will determine if they are going to do business with you.

Remember that buying is an emotional decision and not a rational one.

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